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HEALtrition takes a holistic approach to establish a mind-gut connection, through nutritional consulting and spiritual work to heal the body. We offer the following programs:

(HEAL)thy Self

Approximately 70 percent of the the body’s immune system is in the gut. This program is ideal for those with autoimmune disorders, to help restore a balanced gut microbiome, and boost immunity.

Conscious Healing

This program is a step up from the (HEAL)thy Self program, as it takes an integrative approach to health and wellness targeting the mind and body by using a combination of diet and lifestyle coaching to heal.

Optimal Wellness

Get rid of appropriated diet culture with this reset program. Target the mind and body to set an intrinsic motivation for wellness.

Brooke was so professional. I appreciate the time and care she took explaining the process to me. She was extremely thorough. Looking forward to continuing our work together!

— Johann


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